Net Preamble And Script

Printable PDF document is available here: WC5C Net Control Operator Script

• <Before the Net>
Check the calendars at and at so you can announce upcoming events. Get your pencil and notepad ready to log call-signs, names, locations and messages.

• <To Start the Net>
This is <call-sign> and I’m about to start the “Tri-County Amateur Radio Club Weekly Rag Chew and Information Net”. If there is any emergency traffic or if you need to make a quick call, please go ahead and do so now. I’ll start the net up in one minute.

• <Wait a Minute, then say>
This is <call-sign> and my name is <name> . I am bringing up the “Tri-County Amateur Radio Club Weekly Rag Chew and Information Net”. This net invites all licensed amateur radio operators to participate, so please check in with us. This net is a directed net, and that means I am the Net Control Operator, and all traffic is directed by me. I will call for a round of check-ins, and you simply reply stating your call-sign. Once recognized by the Net Control Operator, then you may come with your traffic. Traffic appropriate for this net includes announcements, technical talk, swap listing, sports, today’s weather, or any information regarding amateur radio. Standby one moment.
<un-key and count to 2, then re-key>

• <Say>
Again this net invites all licensed operators to participate, so let’s start our first round of checkins, please come with your call-signs now.

• <During the Net>
a. <take check-in rounds, clarify and write down call-signs. take each one in order and handle the traffic>
b. <be sure to identify with your name, call-sign and that this is an information net open to all licensed hams. repeat this every few minutes>
c. <make the announcements of upcoming events>

• <To End the Net>
a. <make a last call for check-ins>
b. <say> Okay that was last call and if we have no further check ins, I’m going to close the net at this time. The “Tri-County Amateur Radio Club Weekly Rag Chew and Information
Net” thanks you for your participation. I would like to acknowledge WB5IDM Paul for the use of his repeater equipment for this net, thank you Paul. To contact the club, send an email to the club officers by addressing your email to club-officers {at}, I say again club-officers {at} Club information is available at our website at, I say again Keep in mind that this net meets every week at approximately 8pm on this repeater frequency, 147.160 with CTCSS Code 110.9. This is <call-sign> and this Net is now officially closed, and the frequency is available for routine amateur operations.

• <After the Net>
Type in the Net Notes to an email, and send it to the group by addressing it to wc5c {at}

REVISED:  4 March 2018 – 08:25am